Enough is Enough

I have been working on some poetry lately.  Beginning with some refrigerator poems earlier this summer and now writing some things down. I am enjoying the process of expressing myself through my writing.  

Here is my first draft of my latest creation in response to the House of Representatives callously cutting Food Stamps (SNAP) earlier this week.
Enough is Enough

Oh SNAP, You didn't?!
Bailouts for Wall Street?
Tax Cuts for Wealthy?
Sure, no problem.
But food for kids?
"Oh, Hell no!" you say.

Too big to fail?
No worries.  It's cool.
But if you're small, or old, or poor, 
or have the wrong color skin.
You're on your own.
Left out in the cold...  "No soup for you."

Hungry. Hurt. Homeless?
"You should have made better choices" 
That's what they say.
But speculate and gamble with your employees 401K?
Well, here's a golden parachute,
To help you on your way.

What's the answer?
Do we bow our heads and pray?
Sing a hymn. Wait for a better day?
F--- no! I say.
Let's fight the oppression.
Beginning today.

Enough is enough.
I've had it up to here.
You take food from a child?
Then you deserve to pay.
Let's fight the oppression.
Beginning today.
    -- Jim McKay, Sept. 2013