Happy Blogiversary to Me - 10 years and counting

Wow, this kind of snuck up on me, but it has officially been 10 years since I started this blog on May 5, 2002.  Here is how it all began:
Welcome to my blog...
hopefully an interesting diversion
for my recent insomnia...
Since writing that first post 10 years ago, blogging here has certainly been an interesting and fun diversion.

Through blogging, I have met lots of folks whom I now consider good friends.  Plus, I have been able to share the joys of parenting as Jake and Jonah have grown from infants to precocious boys.

Sharing my rants and raves about politics, faith, sports, and pop culture has been tons of fun - even though there were times when I went a long time between posts.  I have published 1,116 posts so far, which averages about one post every 3 days, (which is pretty good since I haven't blogged as frequently since the advent of Twitter and Facebook).

Also, the concept of "Wabi-Sabi", which I used for the title of my blog, has become more than a title; it has become a key part of my perspective on life - enjoying and appreciating the fact that beauty is inherently found in imperfections. That fact has certainly been true of this blog, which hasn't always been perfect, but has been cool (at least for me) nonetheless.

"Wabi-Sabi" describes many parts of my life from my home here in West Virginia as a "wild and wonderful" place, to WVU sports that are filled with ups and downs, and of course the joy of fatherhood which is so often found in misadventures more than the times when everything goes as planned. "Wabi-Sabi" is a concept that I love. (And it's still fun to say.)

What started as a few words typed on a laptop in Huntington, WV, grew to a point where I was able to blog with the good folks at WVaBlue as a credentialed blogger from the Press Box and on the floor of the historic 2008 DNC Convention in Denver when Barack Obama accepted the nomination. Plus, I have my own little page on the Huffington Post where I have even been featured on the front page a few times.  (Although HuffPo wasn't founded until May of 2005, they have a pretty good thing going there too.)

In closing, you may have noticed that my first blog post was May 5, 2002 and I am celebrating the blogiversary on May 6th, 2012.  Well, to be honest, I missed the date with the combination of Star Wars Day "May the Fourth be with you" and Cinco de Mayo, so I was tempted to back date this post to have it match up, but that's just not my style.  Instead, it's probably more appropriate to appreciate the imperfection of a 10-year anniversary celebrated one day late.  That would be the Wabi-Sabi thing to do.

So here it is, 10 years and 1 day.  Happy Wabi-Sabi Blogiversary!

If you are reading this, then thank you for being a part of the fun for the past 10 years.  Let's have even more fun during the next decade to come!


Kim said…
Happy Blogiversary!