Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Flash Mob at Marshall University

The long awaited "flash mob" episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution aired on ABC last night.

Courtesy of Hulu, here is the "flash mob" section including yours truly as one of the dancing chefs. (You can also see my picture on Jamie's wall later in the episode.)

That's me serving my stir fry in the thumbnail, and there are a few shots of me getting my groove on and cooking with my fellow flash mob dancers.

I'm on the right side of the Memorial Fountain opposite Jamie. Along with the other "chefs", we jump in about 1/3 through the song and start cooking. We literally cooked the dish during the 3 minute song.

There's an interesting shot of my back side when my "sous chef" dancing partners are tying my apron on. You can also see me standing on the edge of the fountain at the end of the dance.

It was a lot of fun and that was a very exciting week to be in Huntington with everyone focused on healthy eating and literally cooking in the street.

By the way, if you missed your chance to cook with Jamie last fall, it's not too late!

Jamie is coming back to town and will be hosting a Community Instructional Bootcamp where you can see and taste the food he's prepared for school lunches and get some great ideas on how to make healthier choices!

The event will be this Tuesday April 13th from 2-5pm at First Baptist Church of Kenova, 1120 Poplar street, Kenova, WV 25530.

Email JOFoodRevolution@gmail.com to sign up, and don't forget to sign Jamie's petition for healthier school lunches at http://www.jamieoliver.com/campaigns/jamies-food-revolution/petition.

Viva la' revolution!

Hulu has pulled the footage from their site, but you can view the Flashmob on YouTube:


Anonymous said…
Do you happen to know what the song was?

Wanda Mae
Jim said…
It's Jungle Flames by The DNC and is available on iTunes.
K Allrich said…
I loved the flash mob dance- the message and the spirit. Beautiful! Inspiring! Go you!
Jim said…
Here is a link to the YouTube version since Hulu has pulled their version down. http://youtu.be/_-Tpo2ELCUM