The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Tie Your Shoes

This video from Runners World is more helpful that you might think at first.

If you're like me, it seems like I'm always having to re-tie my dress shoes. I thought it was the slick texture of the smallish laces, but it appears that I've actually been tying my shoes incorrectly all these years. Who knew that there was a "right" way and a "wrong" way to tie shoes?

Apparently, I've been using a "granny knot" when I should have been using the more efficient "reef knot". The granny knot gets loose over time, while movement actually causes the reef knot to tighten.

In my defense, I have had an interesting history with shoe tying through my life. In kindergarten when my teacher asked me why my twin brother Tom was 20 minutes older than me, I replied "Well you know I have trouble tying my shoes!"


Anonymous said…
What happens when you are too fat to tie your shoes? LOL
Connie said…
Not only that, there are different ways your laces should be strung based on foot type. (At one time my kid wanted to be an athletic shoe designer - it's more complicated than it looks.)