Jon Stewart vs CNN

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is at its best when it's skewering the media for its coverage (or lack thereof) of the news. This report tears CNN into shreds for doing an in-depth fact checking of Saturday Night Live's recent Obama Report Card sketch, while failing to fact check their own guests.

It's particularly funny, and troubling, to hear how often CNN and other 24 HOUR / DAY news networks wrap up a story with "We'll have to leave it right there..."

You're on the air for 24 hours a day! How much more time do you need?

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All Click said…
Very funny.

I didn't really mind CNN fact checking SNL so much. SNL's political sketches are usually very well written and try to capture the heart of true feelings. As opposed to a shark eating candy and a d**k in a box lol

But I hate it when they just spend 15 minutes on an issue and then cut to a story about balloon boy or a horse stuck in a hole, when all THOSE stories could be covered on HLN.

I recently got into NPR just because they can dedicate an hour long show to just debate about health care or Afghanistan. Then again, sometimes they dedicate an hour to tribal music origins in Columbia...