Loving Memories on our 12th Anniversary

My darling Carol,

As we celebrate twelve loving years of marriage today, I wanted to share some of my favorite special memories of our lives together over the past 12 years and the 2 years before we were married.

Here are just a few of the fun and special moments that come to mind that I wanted to share with you. I love you very much and eagerly look forward to building a lifetime of even more fun times and memories in the years ahead.

Love Always,
Some of my favorite memories together...
  • Chatting online on AOL and talking on the phone in the wee hours of the morning when we met online.
  • Getting your picture in the mail at my old apartment in Charleston and being blown away.
  • The first time we held hands while walking at the festival in Lima.
  • Seeing “The Net” as our first movie.
  • Cooking you dinner for the first time (and almost making you sick in the process).
  • Driving though the cornfields across Ohio as we were visiting each other and falling in love.
  • Watching you courageously discern your call to ministry and leave a comfortable life to follow God’s call.
  • Getting to know Stimpy and going from her hissing at me to her being my fat cat buddy in Dunbar.
  • Rooting for Michigan and learning how despicable Ohio State is.
  • My joy when you accepted my proposal of marriage.
  • My breath being taken away as you walked down the aisle and became my wife.
  • Our first dance as husband and wife and the fun intros for the wedding party at the reception.
  • Our honeymoon cruise with fun in the sun, exploring the rain forest, finding bargains, seeing the sights of the Caribbean, snorkeling and spending some time on a certain special beach in Santo Domingo.
  • Watching you grow as a minister and becoming a strong worship leader, preacher, and caring pastor.
  • Finding out you were pregnant!
  • Walking in the cold and snow on Christmas eve trying to see if Jake was going to be born early.
  • Hearing Jake’s heartbeat for the first time and feeling him kick.
  • Holding your hand when Jake was born and again when Jonah joined our family a few years later.
  • Watching the anesthesiologist put you to sleep for “just a bit” after you did so great delivering Jake.
  • Handing Jake to you and hearing him say “mum, mum, mum…” for his first words on his first day!
  • Your patience, care and love while I was going through a rough time when Time Out closed.
  • Our first trip to Disney World with Jake and seeing the magic in his eyes when Mickey waved at him.
  • Our initial joy followed by sadness at the loss of a new life when we endured a miscarriage together.
  • Finding out you were pregnant again with Jonah!
  • Our trip to San Diego doing everything we could during a magical vacation – even singing “Great Balls of Fire” at the piano like Goose and Maverick.
  • How much you were a trooper while we waited in line forever at Chicago O'Hare Airport and got stuck in Chicago for 2 days.
  • Giving birth to Jonah and nurturing his great energy, joy and enthusiasm.
  • Staying faithful and loving me even when things have seemed rocky.
  • Making each of our three houses into a home.
  • Going on vacations and your always accommodating my desire to explore and find adventures along the way.
  • Building sand castles with Jonah on the beach.
  • Helping me see when I was blind in each of my eyes.
  • Nursing me back to health and being by my side as I’ve endured a host of medical challenges in the past couple of years.
  • Teaching Jake & Jonah and me about unconditional love through your words and actions.
Happy Anniversary! I love you very much!


Lisa73 said…
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Lisa73 said…
I'm so blessed to have witnessed many of these things in a way . . . or recognize and remember them, at least. (Not important, but when were you stuck in Chicago for 2 days?!)
Happy Anniversary to You2! excited to say that i know two such lovely folks
MzDaVinci said…
Happy Anniversary! I wish you many more years of happily ever after. Love & smiles - Mom