Carol Delivers the WVUMC Nominations Report

Thanks to the Web 2.0 savvy WV Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, I've been able to follow the actions of this year's Annual Conference gathering in Buckhannon. They're providing updates on Twitter (@wvumc), complete with their own hashtag, #WVac09, and a live stream of the proceedings on uStream.

It's great to see the church utilizing social media to engage those who are in attendance and others who could not attend in person.

I was pleased that the Immigration Reform Resolution was adopted almost unanimously, but disappointed that one of the proposed Constitutional Amendments related to pastors accepting new members was not ratified. Apparently, "all" doesn't mean "all" to many voting members who objected to the Amendment.

My wife, Rev. Carol (aka @smallestangel) delivered the Nominations Committee Report at the beginning of this afternoon's session and through the magic of uStream, you can view it below.

Her report lasts about 8 minutes including time at the beginning while folks who skipped yesterday's afternoon Evangelism workshop raise their hand to get a copy of the report because they didn't get it yesterday when it was passed out originally. (I don't think the Bishop was pleased that so many missed the Evangelism workshop, and the expression on Carol's face shows how "thrilled" she was with the delay as well.)


Great job honey! Now come home so we can go on VACATION!


Maybe some of them thought that Jesus didn't mean "all" when he said "all."

Or maybe the think that rigid enforcement of each and every law of Leviticus is of greater importance than the Great Commission.

Or maybe they're just stubborn Appalachians that don't like being told what to do (I can relate to that one).

Regardless, congrats to the Rev. Mrs. Wabi-Sabi for taking a leadership role.