What would Jesus do if he was being attacked by a Polar Bear?

I recently agreed to start teaching Sunday School again, and I've had fun teaching the 4th and 5th graders for a couple of weeks. It's great to join with them as they explore questions about their faith and what it means to follow God.

The experience is not without it's challenging moments though, particularly when they ask those special questions that kids want answered. You know the ones that have no easy answers.

Check out some of these questions that make children's ministry such a joy.

I'm kind of glad those kids aren't in my Sunday School class.


From The Simpsons:

"Could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot that he himself could not eat it?"
Spike Nesmith said…
Good stuff - that's from a show called "Outnumbered", which is largely improvised around the writers' guidelines. It gives the dialogue a more natural feel, particularly from the kids as you can see here.

I hear Fox are working on a US version.