WV YouTube Youth Forum Featured on WSAZ

In case you missed it, yours truly was interviewed by WSAZ's Carrie Cline earlier today. We talked about the upcoming WV YouTube Youth Forum on Children's Day at the Legislature.

It was fun talking with Carrie, and I really like that she included some students in her story. I appreciate her helping us promote the Forum. Thanks also to Mountainside Media for providing the video highlights from last year's youth forum.

Here's the story from WSAZ...


FromTheHills said…
Though you might want to know - YouTube is blocked in schools in quite a few counties. If you want to present a video from YouTube or create one and post it to YouTube, you have to rip it or push it up at home or elsewhere, then convert it and view it via flash drive or an alternative forum (teacher tube, viddler, googlevideo, etc).

As BOEs can afford more sophisticated network management systems, maybe they won't have to do the all or nothing on so many things.

I enjoy stopping by your blog. Funny and informative. And your Resource Library on the Prevent site is excellent, particularly Publications and Links. Really great.
Anonymous said…
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