Project 365 - Picture of the Day (1.2.09)

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As you can see in this pic, my New Year's resolution to lose weight is facing an uphill battle.

I made some progress today eating moderately, joining the Twitter Lose Off Challenge, having a salad for dinner, and trying out my new Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout (as seen on TV).

But then I fell off the wagon while watching the Sugar Bowl and the temptation of Gavin's delicious secret recipe Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip became to strong to resist.

Still it's only one day, but the story of the day was definitely the battle of the bulge.


Hi Jim! If you get the chance, I'd love the recipe for that buffalo chicken cheese dip. . .it looks yummy and Dawn's new fella is crazy for buffalo wings, so this should be right up their alley!
Hope you all are doing well. Miss you and love you lots!
Aunt Bonnie