Project 365: A picture a day for 2009

For awhile now, I've been interested in doing Project 365 - taking a photo a day for a year and capturing pictures of things as they happen throughout the year.

Thinking back on my highlights of 2008 (attending the DNC in Denver, being published on Huffington Post, Obama's election, being able to see again, etc.) and some of the lowlights (the deaths of my Uncle Pat and our dog Mitchie, kidney stones, liver biopsy, detached retina, etc.) I thought it would be nice to have a picture from each day.

So in conjunction with the New Year, I've set up a Project 365 set on my Flickr account, and I'm going to try to take a picture each day that captures something about every day in 2009. I hope it will make for an interesting photo album looking back, as well as helping me savor things as they occur in these fast paced times.

So, here's my first pic from January 1, 2009. We had a lazy day watching football, playing games and relaxing in our pajamas. This is Jonah just before bedtime "reading" a Batman story book. He LOVES Batman these days.


One day down, 364 to go...