Yet another new blog template

Well, I finally got my blog updated with a new template and am glad that I now have updated links to many of my fellow blogging friends.

One change with the new template is switching from Haloscan, which I have used since before Blogger offered comments to Blogger's comment software. I tried to get Haloscan to work with the new Blogger settings, but haven't figured it out (yet). As a result, over 1,000 of my old blog comments are in limbo for a bit. In the meantime, you can access an RSS feed for the old comments at

This new template is a modified version of Maple Leaf, which originally was a WordPress theme designed by Template Lite and has been reworked for Blogger by Falcon

So, what do you think? I've tried this in Safari and FireFox. How does it look on your computer? Thanks!


Anonymous said…
love it!
Just looking n make coment a bit. no error here, looking good with this temp. i wonder, How u recover from lost old comments