RC Cola and a Moon Pie

As today's Iron Bowl match-up between #1 ranked Alabama and Auburn gets underway, I remembered a funny story that Lewis Grizzard used to share about Alabama.

RC and a Moon PieHe said that one day a man walks into a place and orders an RC Cola and a Moon Pie. The guy behind the counter says, "You must be from Alabama."

The customer replied angrily, "Just because I ordered an RC Cola and a Moon Pie, how come you think I must be from Alabama?"

He continued, "If I ordered spaghetti, would you think I was from Italy? If I ordered sausage, would you say I was from Poland?"

The man at the counter says, "Well, I can't say. It's never happened."

So the customer asks, "Then how come when I come in here and order an RC Cola and a Moon Pie, you just automatically assume I'm from Alabama?"

And the man calmly replies, "'Cause this is a hardware store."