Wiener-gate at DNC 2008

For the most part attending last week's DNC Convention in Denver was one of the most fun experiences I can recall having as a blogger and as a self avowed political junkie. However, one thing that occurred last Monday was so troubling that I simply cannot ignore it any longer.

Forget Heather-gate or the latest dust-up over the Governor's amicus brief in the DuPont case. This scandal has the potential to be very serious in the eyes of WV voters.

I'm not sure who had responsibility for concessions at the Pepsi Center during the recently convention, but they have some explaining to do to members of the WV DNC Delegation, fans of WV Hot Dog Blog, and West Virginians everywhere.

DNC Hot Dog

As you can see in the photo above, the prerequisite slaw for a authentic WV hot dog was not even available as a topping on hot dogs sold at the convention. (Not to mention the sin of charging $6.50 for a hot dog.)

Making matters worse, during the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) reception on Monday night, the hot dogs were served with mustard and KETCHUP (gasp!) slathered all over them!

Why someone would serve a platter of hot dogs with both mustard AND ketchup on them is beyond me.

DGA SignOrdinarily, I would chalk the egregious ketchup error to an oversight by some culinary challenged caterer, but WV Governor Joe Manchin is serving as DGA Chair this year.

Accordingly, Manchin served as host for the Monday night reception at Elitch Gardens. He should definitely know better than to allow such a mistake to occur.

We know that the Governor's schedule is busy, and he has many responsibilities to oversee, but such an oversight is simply unacceptable - especially in an election year.