Veepstakes - Final Predictions and Suggestions for Obama & McCain VPs

As we all await the text message announcing Senator Obama's choice for Vice President, and while Senator McCain tries to recall how many houses he owns, I thought I would share my final predictions for Obama and McCain VP.

Ladies and gentlemen, my choice for Senator Obama enhances the ticket's foreign policy credentials and brings more than his share of strategic expertise in dealing with those 3:00 a.m. crisis calls...

Retired super-spy, Michael Westen.

Similarly, my choice for Senator McCain strengthens the Republican ticket by helping McCain address concerns that he doesn't know enough about the economy. Senator McCain's recommended choice has a proven track record of business success in the highly competitive retail paper sales industry...

Dunder-Mifflin Regional Manager, Michael Scott.

As an added bonus, both VPs share the same first name, so folks could "be like Mike" during the campaign.

UPDATE: It appears that I may have been close with my prediction, but with the signals slightly crossed. I predicted that one VP would be from Scranton, PA and one would have extensive foreign policy experience. On the short lists, one candidate fits the bill on both counts... Senator Joe Biden.