DNC-08: The WV Delegation View - Not Quite the Nosebleed Section After All

WV View

WV Sign

Here's the view from the WV Delegation at the DNC Convention. WVaBlue is seated right behind the West Virginia sign complete with power and internet access. The DNC was't kidding when the said bloggers would have unprecedented access this year.

Based on the Governor's reaction, (seated 1 row away) I don't think he is very thrilled with where the DNC has seated the WV Delegation at the Convention. (I guess that's part of the cost of backing the losing candidate by an overwhelming margin in the primary.)

In reality, the view is not as bad as it seems from the map and being seated in the stands as opposed to the floor does provide more comfortable seats and better sight lines, although the view is mostly from the side.

WV is seated right behind Utah, but it looks like Oregon has the worst seats in the house. They must have pissed somebody off to be seated where they are in the nosebleed section.

The Convention has officially begun with adoption of the Credentialing, Rules, and Platform Reports. No conflicts appear evident and Michigan & Florida were both seated with full delegations with full voting privileges.

By the way, I saw Lanny Davis on the way in, and despite this development, he still looked upset.

Stay tuned for more convention updates from the Floor and The Big Tent.
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