Wabi-Sabi Health Update II

Thank you very much to everyone for their well wishes and support during my recent health issues.  I wanted to let everyone know that my appointment with the Urologist went well today.  

x-ray cartoonAccording to the x-ray, the dreaded kidney stone has disintegrated and been flushed from my system!  

I was hopeful that things were going well when the pain seemed to subside significantly Saturday, but I wasn't sure.  I still have a dull pain in my lower back, so I thought it might still be there.

The doctor says the pain is normal and is probably from the ureteric stent that he inserted a week ago.  

All we need now is for him to go back *up* and pull the stent *out*, which doesn't sound like much more fun than when he put the stent in.  Nonetheless, it's better than leaving it where it is, and once again I'll be asleep for the procedure.

I'll be going back for the follow-up procedure sometime later this week, and then hopefully everything will begin getting back to normal.

Thanks again for everyone's positive thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it.