Picture of the Day

Look closely at this photo of Hillary Clinton at Tudor's Biscuit World in Charleston.

Hillary in CharlestonContrary to popular belief, it appears Senator Clinton hasn't won everyone over in WV just yet.

(Note the smiling woman wearing an Obama '08 t-shirt sitting at the table behind her.)

P.S. Regarding tomorrow's projected results and Clinton's likely landslide victory, it may be helpful to recall that Obama won:
  • Virginia by 29pts 
  • Georgia by 36 pts 
  • Maryland by 23 pts 
  • Illinois 32pts, and 
  • DC by 51 pts.
The bottom line, demographics can be a very powerful force, which should be remembered when the pundits try to draw conclusions based on tomorrow's primary results.

Regardless of your preferred candidate I hope everyone in WV will be sure to vote tomorrow!