The Morning After Analysis

As I posted earlier on Twitter, I have a few initial impressions of last night's WV Democratic Primary.

Voting BoothFirst of all, it was definitely a good win for Hillary Clinton winning a substantial victory with 67% of WV vote. She deserves credit for running a strong campaign in the Mountain State.

Personally, she was not my preferred candidate, and I don't see anyway that she can legitimately win the nomination. Nonetheless, it was a strong victory or her campaign.

However, as pundits struggle to ascribe meaning and momentum to her victory in WV, it's helpful to keep her 67% in perspective.

People seem to have forgotten that Barack Obama won our much larger neighboring state of Virginia with a whopping 64% of the vote. So both campaigns have had huge victories this primary season. Although, based on the Delegate count, popular vote and number of states Obama has done better overall, and therefore rightfully deserves the nomination.

As for Obama's chances in WV in November, we should remember that despite his loss to Clinton, he still got more votes than John McCain last night, 91,663 - 89,654.

Finally, while Obama faces an uphill battle in WV, the Democratic victory in last night's Special Election in Mississippi underscores the challenges that Republicans and especially John McCain will face too. For the first time ever, Democrats have won 3 out of 3 special Congressional elections, which bodes very well for Democrats in their fall elections.

Now it's on to Kentucky and Oregon next week. I expect the Kentucky results will be similar to WV, but I'm counting on my friends in Oregon to finally clinch the nomination for the next President of the United States Barack Obama!