Mission Accomplished?

Five years ago today, the Bush Administration declared "Mission Accomplished".

Unfortunately, we just didn't realize what "Mission" the former oil man was trying to accomplish.

Gas Prices

For a little perspective, check out this post from April 2005, when I was more than annoyed at paying $2.29 / gallon?!

Now we would be THRILLED to pay that much.

By the way, the answer for the problem of soaring gas prices isn't the politically expedient schemes proposed by Senators Clinton and McCain. Nor is the answer found in escalating rhetoric that provokes Iran and further destabilizes the Middle East either.

Finally, let us not forget the huge human toll that has been paid over these past 5 years.

There have been 3,924 U.S. military deaths since "major combat operations ended in Iraq", compared to 139 deaths during "major combat operations". Additionally, over 83,000 civilians have died from violence in Iraq since the U.S. invaded Iraq preemptively.

I pray that our nation NEVER makes such a tragic error ever again.