Memorial Day Thoughts

First of all, let me say how much I appreciate the sacrifices of the men and women of our armed services and their families. I am pleased that we pause during Memorial Day (and Veteran's Day) to honor their commitment and service. We should honor them every day and not just on holidays.

However, there's a thought that I can't get rid of today.


Why is it that we justifiably take pride in celebrating the members of our military for their service, but rarely if ever honor folks like social workers and relief workers who work courageously in their own ways to protect our peace each and every day?

Their battlefields aren't always on foreign soil, but they are saving lives and protecting the "American way of life" for our citizens nonetheless.

However, when it comes to those who help others and ultimately make conflict and even wars less likely, our society too often treats them with disdain as evidenced by their meager salaries.

Again, I don't mean to minimize the well-deserved accolades that our veterans richly deserve. It's just that I wish there was at least a modest recognition of those who are peace makers in our communities and around the world.

This Memorial Day, I am remembering their unsung courage and sacrifices too.

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