Hillary Attends Local Methodist Church Service

You may have seen that Senator Hillary Clinton and Chelsea attended the Sunday morning worship service at First United Methodist Church in Huntington this morning.

Not that there's anything wrong with First UMC and their excellent pastor Rev. Paul Russell, but it was disappointing that Hillary didn't make her way one block west to our church, Johnson Memorial United Methodist Church.

If so, she could have heard my wife Carol deliver a great sermon and participate in a wonderful Pentecost service.

At first, I thought about making a snarky comment about Hillary and sexism, since she preferred a male preacher to a woman, but that's probably not the reason she made her choice.

Another thought was that maybe she was afraid Carol was too radical and didn't want to have her own Rev. Wright situation.  (Although the pastor at Hillary's former church is Rev. Dean Snyder and Carol's father is also named Dean Snyder, so there's somewhat of a connection already, but I digress.)

In the end, I think Carol was correct when she said the reason Hillary probably chose to go the other church was found in her sermon title this morning.

"Winds of Change" apparently sounded a little too much like something Barack Obama would say, so that probably explains it.

Regardless of the reason, and no offense to Rev. Paul, who is a friend of ours, but Hillary and Chelsea missed a great service and a great sermon delivered by the coolest Pastor I know.

Happy Mother's Day honey!  Hillary's loss is our gain!