Wabi-Sabi on the Radio

MicrophoneIn case you missed it, I was interviewed by Jean Dean on her call-in show Viewpoint on Wednesday afternoon.

We discussed child abuse prevention efforts in West Virginia, and the significant challenges that child abuse and neglect poses for our communities.

I appreciate Jean's invitation to be interviewed and look forward to being back on the show soon. 

She's already extended the invitation for a continued conversation about specific prevention strategies, which will be very helpful as we work to address these significant challenges.

You can listen to the interview through the WRVC.com podcast, which is available online here.  Link to MP3.

You get extra bonus points if you can hear where my phone starts vibrating in the background and my mind literally goes off track midway through a sentence talking about the intricacies of Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meetings.

On the heals of this interview, it appears that I may be on WSAZ-TV Thursday night too. It's nice to be asked for comment, so often recently, but part of me would prefer to just volunteer at Senator Obama's rally at Charleston and stay out of the limelight for awhile.