Obama visits Altoona Hot Dog Joint

Tonight Senator Obama and Senator Bob Casey enjoyed hot dogs at Altoona's Original Texas Hot Dogs in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Obama and Casey ate the restaurant's "Texas Hot Dogs" with hot dogs covered in mustard, diced onions, and chili sauce. Apparently, Altoona is north of the mythical WV slaw line.

It's not a WV Hot Dog Joint, and I know some WV folks will decry the lack of slaw (while others will applaud), but nonetheless it's still a strong demonstration of his good taste and down-to-earth personality.

It's certainly better than other dining choices he might have made, such as Chelsea Clinton's recent visit to Charleston's Bridge Road Bistro for a vegetarian meal on her birthday.

America needs a President who appreciates the joy of a good hot dog at a classic hot dog joint. Don't you agree?

Photo credit: BarackObama.com