Hillary Clinton's Taxes, Ken Starr & Uncle Sam

You've probably heard that earlier today, Hillary Clinton's chief spokesperson, Howard Wolfson, compared Senator Obama's request that Senator Clinton release her tax returns to Ken Starr.

For some reason asking a presidential candidate to release basic financial records is now deemed the same as the Republican witch hunt that we endured in the 1990's.

Clinton wants to wait until after April 15th or after the primaries are completed to release her previous years' tax returns. (These aren't this year's taxes or even 2007, these are tax returns filed almost a year ago.) There's no good reason why it's appropriate for the general election, but not the primaries.

So what about the Wolfson's charge? Is the Obama campaign's request so extreme that it smacks of Rovian and Ken Starr tactics?

Apparently not, because 8 years ago, Howard Wolfson (yes the same one), railed against Clinton's opponent, Rick Lazio, for 3 months for failing to release his income tax returns during their Senate campaign in 2000.

Wolfson even attended Lazio rallies, stood near a campaign worker known as "the tax man" who dressed as Uncle Sam, and heckled Mr. Lazio to release his tax returns.

Senator Clinton, what's the difference between releasing tax returns in 2000 and now? America (or at least Pennsylvania) is waiting for your answer.

Also, was it a Ken Starr tactic when you demanded that Lazio release his tax returns? What about dressing the guy up like Uncle Sam to berate the candidate on the campaign trail?

Just wondering.