One of the Greatest Political Upsets in American Political History?

That's how NBC's Tim Russert characterized Hillary Clinton's "upset" win in the New Hampshire Democratic primary.

Sorry Tim, but I don't see how Clinton's win is that big of an upset. A surprise perhaps, but not an historic upset.

Let's not forget that less than one week ago the polls showed that she was ahead. She won a good victory Tuesday night, but it's hardly an historic victory. Certainly not "one of the greatest political upsets in American political history."

As a refresher, here is the Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby New Hampshire Tracking Poll that was released on Jan. 5th. (PDF)

New Hampshire Poll
So she was ahead by 4 points on Jan. 5th (and pretty much all of 2007), and she won by 3 points on Jan. 8th.

Wow, what a huge upset. :::rolling eyes:::

UPDATE: I should note that Hillary Clinton's victory is historic in regard to her status as the first woman candidate to win the New Hampshire Presidential Primary. That is definitely historically significant; however, Russert's comments were based on her "miraculous" comeback. That's the conclusion with which I disagree.