Ken Kendrick is a Jack Nut

Check out what WVU booster Ken Kendrick has to say about WVU's new Head Coach Bill Stewart, the morning after one of WVU's greatest victories.
Not everyone with an intererst in West Virginia football was pleased by the hire, however.

West Virginia booster Ken Kendrick, who was outspoken in his support of Rodriguez following his departure, called it a "sad morning."

"He is so overmatched it's not even funny," said Kendrick, managing partner of baseball's Arizona Diamondbacks. "He's a nice guy and a father figure. But they had a wonderful architect and they hired the painter to build the next house. I want Bill Stewart to win and I want our program to be successful. But I feel bad for our future. I'm very concerned."

Mr. Kendrick, I suppose you would prefer a flashier young coach like Bob Stoops? One who would go for it on 4th down on his side of the field, go for 2 pts too earlier, and try an ill advised onside kick?

I'll take Coach Stewart. If he's good enough for Pat White, then he's more than good enough for me.