Backyard Brawl Fearless Prediction

THE GAME is getting ready to start, and here's my prediction.

Pitt keeps it relatively close up to half-time thanks in part to a WVU turnover while driving into Pitt territory. However, a late first half score makes it 17 - 7 at the half.

In the 2nd half a pick six by Ryan Mundy and a crushing forced fumble by Eric Wicks (spurned by Pitt while in High School) help WVU pour it on and WVU goes on to the big win!

Mountaineers win 52-13 on their way to start "Brawlin' in New Orleans for all the marbles!"

Update:  They're in Gavin's favorite Gold on Gold uniforms!  That gives new definition to the idea of a human highlight film as they run up and down the field.

Update II:  Apparently my prognostication skills stink.  Instead of celebrating a Mountaineer victory for the ages, a new generation of WVU fans are left saying "if only Major Harris Pat White hadn't gotten injured, we could have won the 1988 2007 national title."