WVU Bound for the BCS?

Did you see ESPN.com's Weekly Bowl projections?

In a great development following Oregon and Oklahoma's losses last weekend, both Ivan Maisel and Mark Schlabach are now predicting that West Virginia will play LSU for the BCS Championship.

If WVU can beat UConn and Pitt, then WVU has a GREAT chance to make it to the championship game. A loss by LSU would just about clinch a spot for the 'Eers.

Let's goooooooo Mountaineers!

UPDATE: Woo hoo!!! Arkansas beat LSU in 3 overtimes! What a game! Now if WVU can beat UConn and Pitt, they'll go to the BCS Championship game and play for the national title. Not only that, but they'll play either Kansas, Missouri, or Ohio State -- all of whom they should be able to beat. Wow.


i don't know. i'm not sure that kansas is going to loose. both of those assume that mizzo and/or kansas looses to ok. not sure that's a given. they seem to have more holes than people thought. i'd actually see lsu loosing before kansas. but that is my thing. if wvu gets into the championship, can you start a petition not to wear those yellow on yellow outfits.. ugh! it was like watching highlighters run up and down the field.