The Real Deal Meal

Cool People Care has posted a cool idea in honor of Thanksgiving...
Hunger BanquetSee how everyone else in the world eats.

Tomorrow, as you're munching on turkey and mashed potatoes and storing leftovers for midnight snacks, why not engage your holiday guests in an activity that demonstrates just how little most of the world gets to eat? Oxfam encourages you to have a Hunger Banquet, in which attendees are proportionally grouped based on real world statistics.

So, 15% of folks will eat a healthy meal, 35% will eat rice and beans, and the rest merely get rice and water. Afterwards, there's a chance to discuss the experience and understand what the word 'meal' means to the rest of the world.
To be honest, I'm too selfish to give up our own family Thanksgiving meal, but I think it sounds like a good idea.

It definitely causes me to be even more thankful for the many blessings I have and too often take for granted.

Happy Thanksgiving!