Patterson, Mayo and the BCS

This was not the way I envisioned Huntington High alums Patrick Patterson and OJ Mayo making their college basketball debuts.

I thought it was a fluke when Patterson's UK team lost (84-68) to Gardner-Webb Wednesday, but after Mayo's debut was spoiled by Mercer's upset win (96-81) over USC on Saturday, I'm not sure what to think.

Perhaps Huntington's dynamic duo is jinxed when it comes to facing teams from the Atlantic Sun Conference. At least both Patterson and Mayo played well despite their teams' defeats.

The good news is that college basketball crowns its champions based on who wins the championship on the floor, which is significantly better than college football's broken "amazing" BCS system that selects its champions based on politics and polls.

BCS CartoonWith Ohio State's loss to Illinois, the talking heads will be quick to tell us that LSU and Oregon are now clearly the best teams in the nation because the SEC and PAC 10 conferences are so strong.

Maybe the "experts" have a point. Two powerful teams from elite conferences like the SEC and PAC 10 could never lose a big game to a less talented team from another less prestigious conference? Right?

Nah! That could never happen. Just ask Mr. Mayo or Mr. Patterson.