Compassionate Conservatism

Photo Caption: Spc. Heather Stout of Sutton says a tearful goodbye to her husband Randy and kids (from left) Sarah-Jo, 11; Rebekah, 6; and Jeremy, 9; before deploying to Iraq with the 821st Engineer Company Wednesday. Sarah-Jo was featured in an Aug. 19 Sunday Gazette-Mail article, "Dear Mr. Bush," after she wrote to President Bush describing what her life would be like with her mom at war. The 821st is based in Summersville and Spencer.

As the good folks at WVa Blue noted, the front page of Wednesday's Charleston Gazette pretty much sums up the high costs of President Bush's misplaced priorities.

Thousands of children have to say goodbye to their parents as they deploy to the middle of a civil war in Iraq. Meanwhile, 4 million children are denied health insurance because the President places the needs of insurance companies ahead of the needs of sick children.