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An Agenda for Shared Prosperity
Town Hall Meeting
Monday July 23rd 6-7 PM
Parkersburg, WV, City Council Chambers
One Gov. Square & Market Street

Sterling Ball, Community & Labor Activist
  • Perry Bryant, Exec. Dir. WV for Affordable Health Care
  • Rev. Jim Lewis, WV Patriots for Peace
  • Rick Wilson, AFSC Economic Justice Project
  • Ted Boettner, Mountain State Education & Research
West Virginians United, a coalition of progressive West Virginia organizations is holding the first of several state-wide community town hall style meetings on Monday July, 23 at 6PM.

The meetings are designed to promote their “Agenda for a Shared Prosperity” – a set of values and policy proposals to strengthen the middle class while creating the conditions necessary for more families to realize the “American Dream”.

Speakers will outline the basic agenda with brief comments and then open the discussion up to the community members attending. These discussion topics are:
  • Health Care Reform – making health care affordable and assessable to all West Virginians;
  • Cost of War – connecting the extreme costs of the conflict in Iraq to the cuts in spending for education, housing, social services and other domestic spending right in the Mid-Ohio Valley;
  • Justice in the Workplace – how workplace issues affect quality of life; and
  • Economic Fairness – how public policy can level the playing field and work toward a shared prosperity.
For more information contact:
Gary Zuckett 304-346-5891 or Sterling Ball 304-482-3479