Unsportsmanlike Conduct: FBI Investigates NBA Referee

Remember the whole OJ Mayo flop incident back in January? Referee Mike Lazo made headlines with his flop to the ground after calling two phantom technical fouls on Huntington High's O.J. Mayo.

The WVSSAC quickly came to the defense of their referee and strongly affirmed their policy that no referee's decision could ever be appealed. For the WSSAC, the referee is ALWAYS right and any suggestion to the contrary should be summarily dismissed.

Well, the WVSSAC might be interested in this story about an ongoing FBI investigation of NBA referee Tim Donaghy for allegedly betting on games and making calls affecting the point spread in games that he officiated over the past two seasons.

It looks like Donaghy may be trading in his referee shirt for prison stripes sometime soon, but I'm wondering whether the WVSSAC still thinks that referees are ALWAYS right?

Given the WVSSAC's history of stubborn arrogance and resistance to change, I don't expect them to change their minds any time soon.