The CNN-YouTube Debate

While watching tonight's, CNN-YouTube Debate, I am glad that these guys, Jackie and Dunlap, are from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where my twin brother Tom lives, and not West Virginia, where I live.

For comparison purposes, here is a question from John Cantees, a fellow Huntington, WV, resident, that was used in the debate.

Jackie and Dunlap get points for satirical comedy, but I'm still glad that's not a WV flag in their video.

As for the debate, having the YouTube video questions was an interesting touch. It's one thing to have the moderator ask a question about gay marriage or health care. It's quite another to have a gay couple ask, "why can't we get married?" or a family ask about health care coverage for their sick loved ones.

The obligatory gun control question, also took on a new perspective when this guy talked about "keeping our babies safe".

I'm REALLY glad he's not from West Virginia either.