Selling Toothbrushes

Did you hear the one about the Toothbrush Salesman?

A guy notices an ad for a door-to-door sales position and decides to apply for the job. He introduces himself to the boss and says "Howdy there sir! My name is Jim Ed "Bubba Ray" Jones, and I'd like to talk with you about gettin' a job".

Well the boss isn't too impressed and says, "Kid, this job is selling toothbrushes door-to-door and it's hard for anyone, but especially someone with a strong southern accent."

But, Jim Ed "Bubba Ray" pleads his case saying "Please, please, please Mister, just give me a chance!"

Finally, the boss agrees and tells him to pick up his toothbrushes and get started selling tomorrow.

Each day, Jim Ed "Bubba Ray" shows up early and takes his toothbrushes out to make his sales, but each day he struggles.

By Friday morning he's only sold 7 toothbrushes all week, and the boss says it's his last chance. If he doesn't meet his quota, he'll be fired.

Well, Jim Ed "Bubba Ray" shows up extra early Friday and hits the street to make his sales.

At the end of the day, Jim Ed "Bubba Ray" doesn't show up at 5:00 or 6:00 or even 7:00 pm. Finally, the boss is fit to be tied when Jim Ed "Bubba Ray" comes in at 8:00 pm.

The boss screams, "Where the heck have you been!? You've wasted my time all week and now you've kept me here late on a Friday!"

Jim Ed "Bubba Ray" apologizes and says, "But I sold a bunch of toothbrushes today!"

The boss keeps yelling, "So how many did you sell? Two? Three?!"

Jim Ed "Bubba Ray" proudly says, "I sold 4,237 toothbrushes!"

The boss can't believe it. "How in the world did you ever sell 4,237 toothbrushes in one day? No one's ever sold that many!"

Jim Ed "Bubba Ray" says "Well, I decided I needed to have a gimmick, so I gathered up my toothbrushes and went down to the airport. I set up a table right where people get off of the airplanes. Then I got some potato chips and put them out in a big bowl.

Then when people got off the plane, I asked them if they wanted a potato chip and they said, 'Sure, I'll take a potato chip!'

Then I asked if they wanted some dip and they said 'Sure. I'll take some dip!'

Then when they tasted the dip, they said 'Yuck! That dip tastes like sh--!?!?'

And I said, 'It is! You wanna buy a toothbrush?'

: )

I guess the moral of the story is if you want to sell toothbrushes you need to make someone want to brush their teeth.

Either that or maybe "it just goes to show, you don't know which way the train went just by looking at the tracks."