Mix-ology 101 -- Carpe Diem Cider

After posting my first recipe this weekend, I thought I would share my favorite adult beverage recipe for those who so are inclined.

FYI - I don't drink any more because I was WAY too good at it when I did, but this was a favorite summer-time cocktail when I was in college.

CiderFirst, you take a gallon of fresh apple cider in a glass gallon container -- not hard cider, just regular apple cider.

Second, get a fifth of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum. (A spiced rum brings out the flavor of the cider much better than a light rum.)

Third, pour about a third to half of the bottle of cider into a pitcher.

Fourth, add the Rum into the gallon jug.

Finally, refill the cider from the pitcher into the gallon jug until it's full.

Now, you'll have a gallon jug with 4/5ths cider and one-fifth rum.

Last, add one or two cinnamon sticks to the bottle for some extra flavor.

That's it. You're now ready to gather a few friends and take your favorite collection of Walt Whitman poetry and head to Burgess Falls, less than 20 minutes from campus.

Place the jug of happy cider to chill in the mountain stream, and enjoy the camaraderie of good friends, as you create your own memories that put Dead Poets Society to shame.

Make sure you designate a driver or take a tent with you and enjoy!

Carpe diem and pass the jug!