Hot Fuzz

"By the power of Grayskull" Hot Fuzz is a hilarious movie!

The folks who brought the world Shaun of the Dead have made a great movie in Hot Fuzz. (OK, it's a little slow in the middle, but it more than makes up for it at the end.)

Carol watched the boys Saturday night while I went to the late show, and all I can say is that any movie that makes you laugh out loud when a gun wielding octogenarian lady gets kicked in the teeth has to be considered an instant classic. (I know that's not appropriate, but it was funny.)

Hollywood should take a cue from this film and realize that good satire is not some mindless drivel like Date Movie. (ugh!)

Hot Fuzz appreciates its subject matter of classic buddy cop films and looks up to them rather than treating them with disdain with poorly written juvenile parodies.

The result is a thoroughly enjoyable film.