William Stewart Part Dieux

WV's resident Ralph Reed wannabe, William Stewart, has apparently "fixed" his blog site and reposted his rant about "Bonnie Brown's Snake Oil".

However, the same debunked arguments remain including his audacious claim that "80% of all cervical cancer comes from promiscuity or sex before 18 years of age".

Stewart still hasn't provided a citation for the outrageous claim, but my guess is that he pulled it out of his backside, or one of his friends pulled it out of their own blessed assurance.

However, at the beginning of the post he has added an "amazing" new introduction in response to my blog saying, "One of the liberals is an unemployed dad and has plenty of time on his hands, so I can understand his angst: it’s either write about me or dust furniture."

I'm not sure where he got the impression that I am unemployed. I guess the fact that I don't describe my daily work activities on the blog makes me "unemployed" in his world.

For those who don't know, my "day job" is State Coordinator for Prevent Child Abuse WV. A job that I love very much, and I am pleased to say supports my family nicely.

Meanwhile, I have a hard time being overly impressed with Stewart's position in the ranks of the political elite, because 15 years ago when I was fresh out of college, I had basically the same job that Stewart has now. Of course, I worked for the Speaker of the House of Delegates as opposed to the ousted Minority Leader of the Senate, so I'll let you decide which is more prestigious. (In reality, neither.)

I guess Stewart didn't like the fact that I described his pattern of deleting comments as an act of cowardice. The fact that he didn't bother to place a comment here or offer the courtesy of an email before making false statements about me, just illustrates my point that much further.

Getting back to the original post, Stewart still doesn't understand that having a vaccine for cancer is a good thing. His captivation with teens having sex has clouded his judgment so much that he is arguing against a vaccine that will save thousands of lives.

He responds by labeling those folks who support the cancer vaccine as "liberal snake oil peddlers", but I'm not sure how that label will fit the conservative Republican Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, who signed an Executive Order that will provide HPV Vaccine to all girls entering Sixth Grade in Texas beginning in 2008.

Governor Perry understands that keeping people from getting cancer is a good thing. Meanwhile, Stewart apparently believes that if you're having premarital sex you deserve what you get. That's compassionate conservativism at its best worst.

In a somewhat related note, I didn't even realize that my college fraternity brother, tuba player extraordinaire Richard Perry, was involved in politics, much less that he'd been elected Governor. Congratulations Rich! ;>