I have been trying to find a good way to post text and pictures to the blog using my Treo 700p, but it's been challenging finding the right software.

Last night, I saw that Jay Vorhees had success and he was kind enough to recommend an open source program called "plogit". However, I couldn't get it to syncronize correctly, and I don't think it uploads images, so it didn't work for me.

I then tried Blogger's mobile blogging interface, but it kept crashing since for some reason my blog can't be switched to the new beta version of blogger yet.

(I did figure out that if you want to use the Blogger Mobile Blogging interface, you should let blogger create the new mobile blog, which will be on your dashboard. Then you can switch the settings to post from your phone to your existing blog instead of the newly created blog.)

After looking for recommendations, I finally gave SplashBlog a try, and I am elated that it's working.

SplashBlog creates a new blog for photos, and also has a remote blog option to transfer photos, titles and captions to an existing blog. It was a little tricky to set up because the remote blogging doesn't have complete documentation, but I found the following tip on the Yahoo Palm SplashData Group, and now it's working great.

After you get it all set up on the site, you need to do a full sync. That is, you need to sync from the home view and not within an individual blog. SplashBlog won't pick up the remote blog settings from just syncing an individual blog. You need to sync at least once from the home view (sync all blogs).

After doing the sync from the home view, everything is perfect. The software will even let you resize photos before posting them to your blog. It also will upload pictures taken with the camera-phone or those that are saved to the phone from email or through iPhoto's export to Palm feature.

Best of all, the software is free to try and lets you post 1,000 pictures before asking you to register. All in all, a very good value.

Happy blogging!

P.S. How 'bout them Mountaineers? Looks like we'll be dancing in March again this year.