Is "Jack Nut" a Curse Word?

Apparently, our "friend" Will Stewart thinks so.

When I was reading the comments and saga that has been Will's "Snake Oil" post about HPV vaccines, Carol made an off-handed comment saying, "Who is that guy? Well, he's a 'Jack Nut'."

She got the phrase from the CBS sitcom "Still Standing" where it is a favorite of the Judy Miller character played by Jamie Gertz.

Apparently, William hasn't heard the term and in a manner not seen since Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction, he "[CENSORED]" the word when I posted it as a comment on his blog.

He then characterized Carol's statement as obscene saying, "BTW, your wife has a potty mouth. It is a shame that someone who calls herself a minister would even say that in private and that you would repeat it in public."

(By the way William, it's not only Carol who "calls herself a minister", it's the Board of Ordained Ministry of the United Methodist Church who affirmed her call by God Almighty and ordained Carol as an Elder in Full Connection.)

Stewart also stated in his comments that "You are the only commenter I delete on a regular basis" and in the process proved that he was lying when he claimed that the deleted comments were the result of a website "glitch", but that's another story.

In turn, I commented that "If you are going to 'ban' me from posting comments, then you should delete any reference to me and especially my wife. Especially, since those statements are false claims that I am 'unemployed' or that my wife said something so profane that you had to censor it."

What was Mr. Stewart's response? To delete ALL OF THE COMMENTS and insert another libelous statement about Carol saying, "... For those of you wondering what she called me, it is too crude to actually post up here or even link to the definition. ..."

(He also called my Republican wife, a "liberal minister", but that's also another story too.)

William continues to characterize "Jack Nut" as "too crude" to post, leaving his readers to believe that Carol said something truly obscene. In the process he has published defamatory statements that he knows are false. The dictionary has a word for that. It's called "Libel", and it's illegal.

Since William is convinced that "Jack Nut" is profane and "too crude" to post, I will put the question to you, my loyal readers...

"Is 'Jack Nut' a curse word?"

"Is it worthy of censorship?"

"Should Carol be taken to the public square and stoned for uttering such

"Should someone else be taken to the public square and stoned for their behavior?"

"Do you prefer to watch Square Pegs reruns (starring Jamie Gertz) while getting stoned in the public square?"


For those who are interested this is a "Jack Nut". Sorry to disappoint, but it's really just a boring little tool. ;>