Premiere Night

We had great time star gazing at the World Premiere of We Are Marshall last night in Huntington.

We found a spot right on the corner at the edge of the Green Carpet, only steps away from the limousines as they brought some of Hollywood's finest to their home away from home in Huntington.

We saw all the stars arrive and got some good photos before walking over to Marquee Cinemas to watch the movie, which was shown on all 16 screens.

Unfortunately, some of the pictures are blurry thanks to the insane overzealous woman next to me jostling everyone around her each time a star arrived.

"OH MY GOD!!! IT'S MATTHEW!!! MATTHEW!!! MATTHEW!!! Turn Left Matthew! Turn LEFT!!! Turn LEFT!!! MATTHEW!!! MATTHEW!!!..."

C'mon lady. Relax.

Without further ado, here are pics...

The Green Carpet

Huntington's own Top Chef host, Katie Lee Joel
(Katie's husband Billy aka "the piano man" was reportedly seen in a limo)

Carol and Anne
(not the crazy women)

VIP buses
($1,000 / seat to ride on a city bus and walk down the street.)

Director McG

The Producers
McG and Basil Iwanyk

Matthew Fox and Coach Red Dawson

Red and Fox

Anthony Mackie

Kate Mara

Matthew McConaughey arrives

The Green Carpet Big Screen

McConaughey greets the crowd

Coach Jack Lengyel

The Keith Albee Theater

Jim & Carol waiting at Marquee Cinemas

Candelight vigil
(Teammates, friends, and family... gone, but not forgotten.)

It was a wonderful evening. The movie is extremely powerful and well done.

As Carol said, "I laughed, I cried, I was in the movie." :-)