Having Your Cake and . . .

Well "the game" is over,
and OSU won.
It was a close battle,
but after the late hit, it was over and done.

Meanwhile, Carol blogged about it
here, here, here and here.
While I took Jake to a birthday party,
I missed the second half cheer.

Big House CakeWe did have some fun
baking this cake.
It looked like the Big House
when it was decorated by Jake.

We enjoyed the tasty treat
while watching the night games.
While our hopes for Rutgers and Cal
went up in flames.

Now the question is
what will the pollsters do?
Will there be a rematch
of UM & OSU

I was hoping it could be WV,
but there's no way they can play.
After Rutgers loss,
the 'Eers have to wait for another day.

So now we have
a unique situation.
One to be settled by the computers
and someone's PlayStation

UM fans will be rooting
for Notre Dame.
While WVU fans cheer for Pitt . . .
now that's a shame.