"We Are... Marshall" Commercials Debut

In case you missed it, a new 30-second commercial for We Are... Marshall began airing Saturday night.

I'm biased of course, but it seemed like a good commercial to me. As expected, the ad features the film's megastar Matthew McConaughey prominently, but it also includes my scene too!

We saw the commercial first during the broadcast of the Marshall - Alabama (Birmingham) game, and I thought it was cool, but probably part of the local telecast and not nationally broadcast (yet).

However, upon turning over to the World Series, the commercial aired again right after the top of the 3rd inning - immediately after Albert Pujols hammered a 2-run home run to bust the game open for the Cards. (Memo to Jim Leyland: 1st Base open + Pujols = Intentional Walk... but I digress).

Then later during the second half of the Marshall game, we saw a second version of the commercial too.

After that, Carol wouldn't let me turn the channel during commercials - only during the game.

"Don't turn it now! We might miss the commercial!"

The film opens 2 months from tomorrow, and I have a feeling that our bout of Hollywood fever is going to get even worse between now and then.

Plus, if Carol has her way, we won't be changing the channel during commercials very often either. smiley