Halloween Costume Ideas

So you're scrambling to find a costume for Friday night's Halloween party.

Fear not dear readers, Wabi-Sabi is here to help with five unique ideas that are guaranteed to make an impression*.
  1. Take a fabric pen and draw a large "P" on the front of a shirt (or cut a "P" out of paper and pin it to the shirt) then put black make-up around one eye. Voila! You are a "Black-Eyed Pea".

  2. Take a Frankenstein mask (or some bolts and green make-up) and attach a wild Einstein-style wig. Spray the wig with green hair paint. Wear a lab coat with pens and a pocket protector. Ta da! You are "Frank-Einstein".

  3. Wear all black and attach a large white number "8" to your shirt. When asked what your costume is, say "Reply hazy, try again" and ask them to shake you. After all, you are a "Magic 8 Ball".

  4. For a couple, he wears a giant "E". She wears paper clips. Presto chango! You're an "e-male and attachment".

  5. Wear a bra on the outside of your shirt. Attach a letter "Z" to the bra. Suddenly, you're a "Z-bra".
Happy Halloween!

* Not necessarily a good one.