Interrupting the Sound of Crickets Chirping

Wow, I guess it's been pretty quiet around the old blog lately. I've been keeping my sarcastic comments to myself for too long. As you can see, I have finally updated the blog header with some new pictures.

I should have something profound to say in my triumphant(?) return to blogging, but my mind is still moving slow as Baby Jonah nears his 1 month birthday.

In lieu of a regular post, here are some quick random thoughts that I have failed to share in the past month or so...
  • How is it that the same person who complains that receiving a gift certificate as a gift is "too much of a hassle", will bring 3 tomato plants and tell my 5-year-old son that he supposed to plant them with Mom and Dad and have a contest to see who has the biggest tomatoes? So, a gift certificate is a hassle because you have to go the store, but expecting someone to plant a garden isn't? Just checking.
  • WVU football is looking GOOD this season. How sweet was Thursday's game for Steve Slaton? So much for Ralph Friedgen's comments when he thought his program was elite and WVU was an also-ran. Who's in the top 5 now Coach? Slaton's Heisman Campaign following Ralph's choice to drop Slaton's scholarship more than makes up for Brad Lewis' transfer at QB for the Terps a few years ago.
  • MEMO to John Raese: Voting No on a proposed tax cut (for millionaires) is not the same as voting to raise taxes. If you want to be shady and misleading, you can say Senator Byrd supported "higher" taxes (than Republicans), but saying he voted to "raise" or "increase" taxes when he voted for taxes to stay at the same level (and sometimes voted for a smaller tax cut) is just plain dishonest. Let me explain it to you, if Republicans vote to cut taxes by 20% (for millionaires) and Senator Byrd votes to cut taxes by only 10%, you can't say that Byrd voted to "raise" taxes. Similarly, when Senator Byrd offered an amendment to INCREASE funding for body armor, it's sleazy and dishonest to say he didn't support the troops. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, when John Raese's primary political consultant is Keith Appel, who helped bring us the "Swift Boat Veterans" in 2004.
  • Drafting Lamont Jordan for my fantasy football team is doing nothing to help my bad feelings for the Maryland Terrapins.
  • Cutting Greg Maddux days before he pitched a 1-hitter is NOT the best way to win my Fantasy Baseball matchup with Donutbuzz.
  • It's hilarious to listen to the WVU pregame talking about the size of the offensive line and their power to block the other team, while sitting at a red light watching a group of significantly large women cross the street on their way to the American Idol concert.

  • Hospital Advice: When showering at the hospital while staying with your wife following the birth of your son, make sure you take towels to the bathroom, so you don't have to pull the emergency cord to ring the nurse's station to bring you some towels.
  • More Hospital Advice: It's important to tell your 5-year-old son not to pull the nurse's emergency cord, BEFORE he goes to the bathroom at the hospital room (not after the nurse comes to see what your problem is, again).
  • We Are... Marshall looks like it is going to be good. Warner Brothers has released the trailer for the movie on Warner Brothers official website for the movie. It sounds like the movie getting good reviews so far. I can't wait for the premiere in Huntington on Dec. 15. It will be fun to see who is on the Red Green Carpet.
  • Way to go Louisville! Big win for the Big East!
Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully, it won't be as long between posts next time.