In Case You Missed It...

Bill Clinton laid the smack down on FoxNews' Chris Wallace after he attempted to ambush the former President in an interview on Fox News Sunday.

I especially liked the comment:
"we have a government that thinks Afghanistan is only one-seventh as important as Iraq."
With 20,000 troops in Afghanistan and 140,000 in Iraq, it's easy to see where he got his numbers. Not to mention, the Bush administration recently disbanded the Osama bin Laden office at CIA, ignored and demoted Terrorism Expert, Richard Clarke, and failed to capture Osama in over 5 years since 9-11.

However, despite the facts, the Fox News Kool-Aid Republicans (and ABC television producers) remain convinced that "it was [all] Clinton's fault". For once, Bill Clinton had the opportunity to defend his own record, and it was priceless.

Give 'em hell Bill.