How Fox Would Report Mark Foley's Resignation if He Were a Democrat?

News Hounds, a Fox News watchdog website, has a great post regarding Fox News' coverage of Republican Congressman Mark Foley's resignation on Friday, following his sexual exploitation via the Internet of a teenage boy who worked as a Page for the Congressman.

As you might imagine, Fox News glossed over the news and completely ignored the fact that Rep. Foley is a Republican, despite the fact that they were interviewing House Speaker Dennis Hastert when the news broke.

News Hounds offers a nice glimpse into what Fox News coverage would have been if Foley was a Democrat. (Link)

If Foley was a Democrat, I'm confident the conservative pundits would have gleefully filled the airwaves for days talking about this perverted DEMOCRAT.

Meanwhile, it now appears that Republican leaders in the House were informed of these allegations in late 2005, but no action occurred until the story broke on ABC news late this week.

I guess beaking the law and ethics violations are an existential thing for the Republican majority -- if the public doesn't know about a crime, then it doesn't really exist.

Of course there is also the ever popular White House corrollary to the concept, which states that if the President breaks the law or commits war crimes, you just pass legislation making the crime(s) legal retroactively.

So much for being the party of law & order and family values.