A quick note about the World Cup...

Let's go USA and viva Italia!!!

If the US can beat Ghana and Italy beats the Czechs Thursday morning, then the US team will advance to the second round. This is no easy task since they are in arguably the most competitive group in the tournament.

I'll be rooting hard for the Americans, although Ghana has been the "cinderella story" of the tournament thus far.


To: National Sportscasters and wannabe Talk Radio Hosts

From: Wabi-Sabi

Re: USA Soccer

Date: June 22, 2006

If the USA struggles to win or loses outright Thursday, I suggest that you recall the recent 2006 World Baseball Classic and summer Olympic basketball tournament results before you take cheap shots at the American team or soccer in general.

The US was far from dominant in either of those tournaments finishing out of the final four in America's past-time and winning the "prestigious" Bronze medal in basketball.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.