251 - 405

Once again the West Virginia Annual Conference has rejected the action of the Council of Bishops. This time rejecting a resolution that affirmed the Bishops' letter last November calling on United Methodists to support peace and calling to repentance for the ongoing war in Iraq.

The resolution was first amended to exclude reference to the Bishops' letter and a call for local churches to study the Bishops' call, and then, despite passage of the amendment, the resolution was rejected outright.

Apparently, any teachings related to peace are "too liberal" for the WV Annual Conference.

At least the proposed amendment which would have stricken the quote of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount was rejected (initially); although the resolution as a whole was rejected upon its consideration.

For those keeping score at home, that's 2 times the Conference has rejected the opportunity to affirm our commitment to the love, grace and peace that Jesus wants us to have.

Apparently, the WV Methodists aren't as peaceful as I'd hoped. The resolution was rejected 251 - 405, so it wasn't even close.

On a positive note, right after the vote was announced, Jake made a presentation to the Bishop on behalf of the children at Conference. Jake was prominently wearing his peace sign button for all to see and for all the pictures to be taken.